Auto Rate FAQs

FAQs about Auto Rates

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about auto rates.

How do I apply for quotes on auto rates?

Applying for quotes on auto rates is easy. You simply click on “Apply Now” wherever you see it on our site. This will take you to our simple, secure application. Fill out the application, and we will give you quotes on auto rates from several lenders.

What does it cost to apply for quotes on auto rates?

Our application for quotes on auto rates is completely free. To see our lenders’ competitive offers, all you have to do is take a few minutes to fill out our application.

Are you an auto loan lender?

No, we are not a lender. We are simply a referral service that connects customers with lenders who can provide quotes on auto rates. Our mission is to bring our customers the lowest auto rates with the best terms in the most convenient manner possible.

Auto Rate Questions

Should I finance through the dealership?

No! Consider this fact: in most sales, dealerships make more profit on the financing than on the actual sale of the car! This means that dealerships take advantage of their customers in the financing process. You will almost always get lower auto rates with independent financing, which is what we offer.

What are the benefits of independent financing?

By using one of our lenders, you will secure independent financing for your new vehicle. Independent financing has two distinct advantages over dealership financing. First, you will get lower interest rates and better terms. Second, you will be in a better position to negotiate because you will have already pre-qualified for the money you need for your car. Dealerships view customers with pre-qualified loans as more attractive than others.

Which offers lower auto rates, a new or used car?

Though purchasing a used car can save you a bundle of money on the purchase price, it doesn’t usually translate into the best financing deals. Auto rates for new cars are almost always lower and more competitive than those for used cars. You have to weigh the trade-off of a more expensive car with less expensive financing. You can get a loan for a new or used car on our site.

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